.nz OpenPGP KeyServer

Welcome to the .nz OpenPGP KeyServer, the first public keyserver in New Zealand. To find out what this is all about, read the Introduction to PGP

This keyserver is part of the global network of synchronised keyservers and any changes made to keys here will replicate quickly to all other keyservers that are part of the global network. If you live in NZ then you will probably find it easier and faster to use this keyserver than any other.

This keyserver is operated by NZRS Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the InternetNZ. NZRS is the registry for the .nz domain name space, responsible for the technical and operational management of .nz. If you want to learn more about how .nz is managed and operated then see the Domain Name Commission site, another wholly-owned subsidiary of InternetNZ.

OpenPGP is a core technology to the .nz domain name space, used as part of the registry-registrar interface to securely sign requests to manage domains. It is because OpenPGP is such a critical technology to .nz that we provide this keyserver and support it professionally.

If you have any resources to add or wish to peer with us then please contact us.